ACUTRAQ Background Screening
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The Bad Tenant Blues by Jason Waggoner

Employee Screening - Online Application
Our online application will make it more convenient for your applicants to complete the application and background screening process. You can eliminate illegible paper applications and allow the applicant to complete the data entry.

Tenant Screening - Online Application
Applicants can apply quickly and easily with our new and improved online rental application. Allows applicants to pay the app fee via debit or credit card. Applicants can upload their I.D., Pay Stubs, Pet Pictures, Vet Records, etc.

Using the Quick App

Send your applicants an email inviting them to initiate the application process. Applicants can submit their information along with any required documents and then pay for the application from their computer or mobile device.

  1. Log in and Click the ORDER tab
  2. Select the package you wish to use
  3. Click on the QuickApp button
  4. Accept terms
  5. Enter applicant's name and email address (other fields also available for reference purposes)
  6. Click 'Send' ('Send and Next' if you have more than one applicant)
  7. Your client will receive an email from you with instructions on how to proceed

Step by Step Guide to Using the Quick App

This video guides you step by step from the time you sign up to use the QuickApp thru inviting clients and viewing client reports.

Quick App - Help Mary

Animated video showing how agents can help clients and themselves by using the QuickApp from ACUTRAQ

View Completed Reports
How to view completed Rreports.

How to Read Reports
How to read the credit and criminal reports in an ACUTRAQ report.

ACUTRAQ Client Testimonial
Testimonial from First Class Management, Inc., Houston Texas.